Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Computer Chess

I loved the early 80s crap video look to this. I never got sick of the look. I loved a lot of the characters and there are some incredibly funny moments in this.

But I also was a little bored at times too. The 90 minutes felt a bit long. Steve P saw this movie two nights in a row which blows my mind.

I also like the whole concept of this film - a fake documentary about computer nerds at a convention in a hotel competing to come up with the best computer chess program. Also at the hotel is this other bizarre thing going on involving a quack, reenacting the birth process, and swingers. Of course, people from the two very different conventions end up converging. Sort of like Cedar Rapids but with social weirdos or at least a different kind of social weirdo.

I had given up on Andrew Bujalski. I liked Funny Ha Ha at the time but grew to be annoyed by it. And Mutual Appreciation sealed the deal for me on being done with mumblecore. This movie is a nice step away from that whole thing and is definitely worth seeing. Just not two nights in a row.

Directed by Andrew Bujalski
Film Forum

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