Wednesday, July 31, 2013

This is the End

This was the first movie I'd seen on a baseball trip since that dumb Superman movie in 2006. So this was much better than that! Since I am able to retain useless information, I can remember all the movies I've seen on baseball trips. In '92, it was Raising Cain in Toronto with Rich. In '98, it was Your Friends and Neighbors with Rich in Chicago. In '99, it was The Sixth Sense in Dearborn, Michigan with Rich and Jamie. And only two since then! Anyway ...

Matt and I had to decide between this and World War Z and I think we made the right choice. This was pretty funny and is well worth seeing if for nothing else, the utter ridiculousness that it was even made. The whole thing seems like an inside joke that they somehow were able to get tens of millions of dollars to make. James Franco is funny, the Michael Cera cameo is incredible, and the Danny McBride stuff is all hilarious. And Jonah Hill is such a dick and then he turns into the devil. Good stuff.

Directed by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen
Bellingham, WA

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