Sunday, July 14, 2013

Friends With Kids

In an article about Before Midnight, I read that this film was worth seeing. That it wasn't perfect but it had its moments. I'd agree with that.

There are moments in the first half that are are not good at all. The characters are all so one dimensional and annoying. The editing is annoying. The music is loud and annoying. It is the kind of movie that gives us 8 seconds of Jeff Tweedy singing "You've changed" to transition from one scene to another where, lo and behold, the characters have changed!

But the second half is much better. The characters become more believable and more likable. And the dinner scene referenced in the article is indeed a pretty great scene.

I also realized that I'd never really seen Jon Hamm in anything that wasn't Don Draper related or a comedy. It was nice to see him in a serious role like this. That man has got chops.

I also realized while watching the credits that I didn't know who Ed Burns was. So I checked his IMDB page and apparently this is the first movie I've seen of his since Saving Private Ryan and only the second one overall.

So what does a pretty likable cast, a decent second half, a bad first half, a great scene, and some interesting ideas get you? I'd say a solid B-.

Directed by Jennifer Westfeldt
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