Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Frances Ha

I was ready to give up on Mr. Baumbauch after his last two films, Margot at the Wedding and Greenberg. Now I can't quit the guy so easily because I really liked this film.

After reading the profile on Baumbach in The New Yorker, I was pretty primed to like this. But then again, I was ready to love Margot at the Wedding as well. But this one was so much more successful at emulating his French filmmaking idols than that one. If that one was a failed Eric Rohmer homage, this one got the tone right on early Truffaut and Godard.

Take Jules and Jim with a little bit of Breathless, filter it through Girls, take the mumble out of mumblecore, and you have this film. Sort of. That's a stupid sentence but I'm sticking with it. It is a love letter to Gerwig, to being in your 20s, to New York, to the French New Wave, to growing up.

Baumbach is back!

Directed by Noah Baumbauch

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Jeremy said...

I just watched this last night and loved it. I really liked the collages full of miniscenes like her trip to sacramento and the way her character teetered between horribly annoying and funny and fun. it's the same way I feel about girls - I just love watching these people attempting to be grown ups and mostly failing. it's very reassuring.