Monday, May 06, 2013


This almost became filed under the I gave up label.  But I just couldn't give it up. I loved how it looked. I have seen all of the other non Alien vs. Predator movies in the series so I felt like I needed to keep watching.

But this really isn't that good. I can't even remember much about it and I only saw it a couple of weeks ago. I think there was a pale attempt at having an interesting robot, right? And what else?

Oh yeah, there was an explosion and some scary stuff. That one scene with the thing and the lasers and the baby alien - that was a good scene. Yeah.

I'm sure I would have liked this more if I had seen it in IMAX 3D like I had originally intended. Since I didn't, I can't be too excited about it.

Directed by Ridley Scott

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lachima said...

i think the playlist may have had a piece awhile back after this film came out that argued ridley scott is more talented as a designer (or at least more talented at hiring the right designers to execute his vision) than he is as a director.

looked great, failed in my view. Rafe Spall was amazing in his small role and is gonna be huge this time next year.