Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cabin Boy

Sean has been talking up this movie for years. I can't believe that I didn't see this when it was originally out. And I also can't believe I somehow made it five years of knowing Sean before I watched it with him.

So ... after all the hype I really wasn't sure what to expect. And I must admit I was kind of both underwhelmed and overwhelmed by this movie. Underwhelmed because it really isn't that good. Overwhelmed because, holy crap, this movie is weird. Every single moment of it is bizarre.  Chris Elliott as a young lad. David Letterman is predictably terribly amazing. Andy Richter is great and bad at the same time. The sets look like they were made by bored fourth graders.

The whole thing had a bit of a Joe Versus the Volcano vibe to it. And I've got to admit - I have a feeling that if I watched this for a second time (perhaps under the influence) I would change my mind on the feeling of being underwhelmed. Hats off, Gardner!

Directed by Adam Resnick

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lachima said...

it's worth listening to any of chris elliot's recent interviews about the making of the film. either sharpling's best show or maron's podcast. tim burton was supposed to direct it then pulled out to do another film and they just gave the film to adam resnick (elliot's writing partner) who hadn't really directed anything before and didn't seem to want to do it from the get go. it's odd and interesting.

fancy lad