Tuesday, April 30, 2013

To Rome With Love

This started off really well. But then it got a bit silly and it kind of lost me.

I liked:
- Woody Allen's subdued acting compared to his more manic usual style.
- The beauty of Rome
- The scenario with Penelope Cruz as a prostitute needing to pretend to be a well behaved fiance.
- Alec Baldwin's wisdom
-  Alessandro Tiberi's Woody Allen impersonation - it's funny because he's Italian!
- The absurdity of the opera singer who can only sound good when singing in the shower and what it leads to. 

I was lukewarm on :
- The Roberto Benigni story line.
- The Jesse Eisenberg - Ellen Page - Greta Gerwig storyline especially when Alec Baldwin wasn't part of it.
- The Italian actor and his wooing ways scenes didn't quite work for me.
- It was twenty minutes too long, one of the story lines could have been cut.
-  Allen is so old now that it seems wrong that he's playing Allison Pill's dad - he should be her grandfather. Oh well - at least he's not dating her.

Overall, I'm glad I saw this. It was entertaining enough. And it makes me realize that maybe I should see all of Allen's recent movies rather than just the really good ones that come out every three or four years. Lightweight but enjoyable.

Directed by Woody Allen

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