Monday, April 22, 2013

Being Flynn

 I liked the book this was based on, Another Bullshit Night in Suck City, when I read it back in 2005. So I was curious to see this movie.

But there were some strikes against it before I even started to watch it.

1. Being Flynn? Lame title.
2. Paul Dano is not a very good actor.
3. Being Flynn? Come on! I just can't get past the title.

I loved the first 5 minutes - Robert de Niro as a cab driver! Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant.

But I didn't like how they changed around some of the important crucial details like how (in the book) the first time the main character had seen his father in years was when the father showed up at the homeless shelter he was working in. In the movie, that's not what happens. I think a homeless shelter meetup does happen later but I didn't give the movie enough time to get there. Now, I could be mistaken (it has been 8 years after all since I read the book) but it was enough of an excuse for me to turn this off after 20 minutes which was 10 minutes longer than Sujan gave it.

And really - Being Flynn?

Directed by Paul Weitz


Jeremy said...

that is a horrible title on its own and exponentially worse when compared to the original brilliant title. paul dano is a supercreep and was born solely to be creepy in there will be blood.

Listmaker said...

Yes on the Dano. Have you read the book or do you just like the title?

On another note, I just heard that De Niro was at Prospect Park today pushing a little kid on the swings. Or at least someone that looks just like him.

Jeremy said...

have not read the book. i'm on a tween literature kick right now.