Monday, February 18, 2013

The Pirates! Band of Misfits

Otis and Sam had a brief fling with Wallace & Gromit over the summer. They were infatuated. They haven't had the same love affair with Chicken Run though. I've tried to watch it with them twice and haven't made it all the way through either time.

I wasn't sure if they would have the patience to watch this whole thing. They kind of did even though we split it up into two sittings. I'm not sure how much they understood but there was plenty for them to like - hell, there are pirates and a monkey and cannons.

The movie is kind of what you'd expect in a good way. Nonstop crazy stuff and fun little asides. There's some damn clever stuff in here. I loved that Charles Darwin is one of the main characters and that the Queen of England is a badass villain. These guys need to make more movies.

 Directed by Peter Lord and Nick Hewitt

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Mondale said...

We were booked into a village hall showing but 2 feet of snow meant the country ground to a halt. Our boys would love this for all the reasons you mention.