Monday, January 14, 2013

Zero Dark Thirty

- Not as good as The Hurt Locker. And I didn't even love that movie.

- Not as crazy intense as Black Hawk Down. That movie was crazy!

- Not as entertaining as Argo. But how can you compete with a movie featuring Kyle Chandler with 1970s hair?

- Not as illuminating about torture as Taxi to the Dark Side. But this isn't a documentary so why am I even making that comparison?

But ... this film will be the one ... the one!! People will watch this movie thirty years from now in the way we still watch All the President's Men to get a slice of history.

It sort of felt like the greatest hits of terrorism in some ways. Or a Jason Bourne globetrotting flick. It did tie threads together well but until the raid on Osama Bin Laden's compound, nothing felt that different or unique to me from other movies I've seen over the years.

Still - the raid. So good! Maybe not as good as that first scene in The Hurt Locker but it isn't a fair comparison since we knew how this would turn out.

I also was not that perturbed by the whole torture thing. I agree with the filmmakers - it isn't that clear that the actual torture is what got the information. And even if it did, the complexities involved make the film that much more interesting. Just not that interesting.

Directed by Kathryn Bigelow
Lincoln Sq


EC said...

Sorry, Argo, Zero Dark Thirty is the superior CIA film for 2012. I thought this was even better than The Hurt Locker and I didn't love that movie either. This pleasantly surprised me.

(also, as I typed the captcha to post, the second "word" was 725. I wish it had been 726.

Listmaker said...

oh yeah - this is a superior cia film. but not as entertaining as argo. you can't deny that undeniable fact!

726! i love it!