Thursday, January 03, 2013

Silver Linings Playbook

This was exactly what I expected it would be and that's a good thing. Entertaining as hell.

Some thoughts:
1. This is only the 2nd Bradley Cooper movie I've seen and he wasn't half bad!
2. When was the last time Robert De Niro was actually in something good? Welcome back Bobby!
3. Jacki Weaver has to get another Oscar nomination for this, right? A completely different role than her one in Animal Kingdom, but still remarkably similar - moms who love their kids. Crabby snacks and homemades might be the best line of the year.
4. I could have watched at least two more hours of Jennifer Lawrence dancing.
5. That last dance scene was really damn funny and the most  Flirting With Disaster-like I've seen David O. Russell try to pull off since that film. 
6. I'd love to see a sequel pitting Robert de Niro's character with Angelica Huston's Bills loving charcter in Buffalo 66.
7. Sujan thought that both the Danny Elfman score and the rock soundtrack were both very good. I agree.
8. Chris Tucker!!!!

Directed by David O. Russell
Court St. 12


Matt Moline said...

Fans of proper running technique need to check out Bradley Cooper's stride in this movie. He has one of the most efficient gaits that I've ever seen. Also, yes please to item 4.

youthlarge said...

Good call on Jacki Weaver! Crabby snacks for everyone!!!

Listmaker said...

i realized i made two mistakes in this review and i'm sincerely sorry.

1. didn't realize bradley cooper was in wedding crashers. so this is the 3rd bradley cooper movie i've seen unless i've forgotten even more.

2. i am being unfair to de niro. maybe he's been good in some stuff - i haven't even seen any of his films in years. not his fault, right?

lachima said...

the alamo showed the bradley cooper at the actor's studio piece before the film and it made it impossible not to love him. i had my issues with him before that.