Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Almost Famous

In 2000, I wrote, "Good, but it just lacked that little something something. Crowe should have made this film fifteen years ago. It's almost like he was trying to gloss over too much of the story to please the Jerry Maguire crowd but instead he alienated everyone (well at least me). Now if he would make a whole movie with Philip Seymour Hoffman as Lester Bangs, that would be exciting"

For years, I've gotten grief from Chris Larry for being too hard on this film. It was time to give it another chance -which I did last month.

My 2012 thoughts ended up not being that different from my 2000 thoughts. I liked it but didn't think it was even close to being great. I did like the bus rides, the first scene where the young Cameron Crowe tries to get into the show, and all of the Lester Bangs scenes. Plus, Frances McDormand is great. And it was funny to see Marc Maron yell "Lock the gates."

But ...
1. I didn't care about the band at all. A fictional band based on the Allman Brothers? Snooze.
2. Patrick Fugit is dumb. He just couldn't carry this movie for me.
3. Kate Hudson is not pretty.
4. The whole thing seemed a little too Wonder Years for me. But there was no Wayne to spice things up.

I'm not upset I re-watched this but I remain fortified in my belief that this movie is overrated. So there.

Directed by Cameron Crowe


lachima said...

i disagree on fugit but i feel like every time i see this film i get more critical of it.

Listmaker said...

too bad chris larry doesn't read this blog anymore. i bet there would be a big fight.