Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wreck-It Ralph

In the theater, Sujan and I weren't sure if the boys actually enjoyed watching it. But the day after the movie, they kept talking about it. They know a lot of the details and keep asking if they can see it again. So ... if any of you out there in Listmaker Land want to take them, let us know!

The movie is pretty good. Not necessarily Pixar at its best good but it is pretty clever. I would have liked more than the three games that were featured but what can you do? John C. Reilly was great, Sarah Silverman was good, Jane Lynch was super fun, and even that Jack McBrayer doofus didn't bother me.  The story was intriguing even if the dialogue wasn't as clever as it thought it was.

Still, I'll be glad to watch this again in a few months with the boys.

Directed by Rich Moore
Kips Bay

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