Sunday, November 18, 2012


Sometimes being oblivious to things makes movies like this even more fun. I had never heard of this story until the movie came out. I hadn't seen any previews and had only a tiny bit of knowledge about what the whole thing.

Sujan and I were not disappointed. This is a fun fun movie and reminded me of some of the greats espionage films of the 70's. Obviously, some things were made up but who cares? I'll clear that up whenever the documentary ever gets made. For pure cinematic goodness, this film is hard to beat.

The acting is great (although Kyle Chandler was woefully underused according to Sujan), the editing was great, and the suspense was top notch.

The 12-year-old me would have loved this movie. The 39-year-old me thought it was pretty darn good as well. This has to be a shoo-in for some awards, right?

Directed by Ben Affleck

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