Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

I liked this more than the other two installments but I'm not sure why. Perhaps it was because there was less of Christian Bale's ridiculous Batman voice? I'd be curious to know how many lines Bale had as Batman in this movie compared to the other two. Maybe I'm just used to it now?

Perahaps I liked this more because I liked how most of it was in the day time? I'm definitely not opposed to movies set in the shadows but I loved how bright this film was.

Perhaps I just liked it more because all of the Catwoman rides the motorcycle scenes.

Other thoughts:
- I loved the football scene.

- I dug Bain.

- I was surprised by the twist

- I didn't hate the ending as much as other people.

- The music was a bit overwhelming at times.

- Christopher Nolan has apparently learned to shoot fight scenes better. I thought they were good in this. Remember how hard they were to follow in the first movie.

- I think digital effects might have finally caught up to what I've wanted them to be for years. I thought everyhing looked pretty realistic.

- Exile by death was awesome.

- I liked the Escape from New York feel.

- listened to an interview with Nolan where he talked about how he was inspired by The Battle of Algiers while filming this. I can see that.

- Sad Michael Caine made me happy. That guy can act!

- I found the brief flashbacks helpful considering I've only seen each movie once.

- I liked Scarecrow's cameo.

- That scene in the airplane - AMAZING!

- Will the next movie which will obviously star Robin be directed by Joel Schumacher?

Directed by Christopher Nolan
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