Monday, September 03, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom

From an e-mail Chris Larry sent me two days ago:

Mary and I have been wanting to both go to the Callicoon Theatre for almost a year and wanted see Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom all summer, so when we saw that yesterday was the last night for these two desires to converge we leapt for joy..... except what do we do with our three and three quarters year old daughter Amelia? Take her of course!

After conferring with Listmaker and our neighbors we decided we wouldn't be scarring her any worse then living with me was already doing, so off to Callicoon we went. Plied with never ending bucket-o-popcorn, lollypop and dot candy she settled in for her first PG-13 rated movie and loved it.

Her review:

The Movie last night in Callicon was so great.

I liked when:

They went out to nature
When he gave her the earrings
When they first met
When the kitten popped out
When the girl caught a fish
When they played records
When the little brother said "Hey where is my record player"
When they rescued the boy

I ddn't like it when

The police officer threw the tent away, that was scary
When the boys came in the forrest to find the boy and girl

The movie was about


5 Words
- Kitties
- record player
- adventure
- Love
- Snacks (popcorn, Lollipop, candy dots)


Jim said...

Best review on this site ever!

decaf said...

i was undecided about seeing this, but reading "when the kitten popped out" has me searching for a screening!