Thursday, August 30, 2012

Premium Rush

The After Hours of bike messenger movies.

Some thoughts:
- Joseph Gordon-Levitt is so charming!

- As a caricature of himself, Michael Shannon was hilarious.

- The action scenes were quite thrilling. I love the live action feel of this vs. the digital effects in most movies.

- I loved the different scenarios envisioned by Gordon-Levitt's character as he makes split second decisions on what route to take while riding. When all options are bad, watch out!

- Sujan and I both dug the United Nations casting.

- I was psyched to see the dude who played Burr Redding from Oz in this.

- This was the first time Sujan had been at this particular theater in Jersey in something like 18 years.

- This movie was super fun. See it!

- Bike messengers are kind of assholes, aren't they? Wow.

Directed by David Koepp
NJ suburbs

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