Thursday, July 05, 2012

Magic Mike

It wasn't my original intent to see this movie. I was going to see Prometheus but the film wasn't working so the only movie that really worked timing wise was this one. And it's Soderbergh so why not?

And I'm glad that I saw it. Matthew McConaughey was f-ing hilarious. Everything he said, every facial expression he made, every outfit (or lack thereof) he wore was absolutely A-MAZING. Truly special.

Unfortunately, the rest of the movie wasn't nearly as special. It was interesting to see the inner workings of a male strip club but it didn't really go that deep with it. Yeah, there were some drugs, and some hints at seediness. But most of it was just a lot of shirtless dudes gyrating with a bunch of ladies gasping in shock horror.

Channing Tatum is really not charismatic enough to carry a film. I wanted more Kevin Nash though - he was almost as funny as McConaughey in a much more limited role.

Has anyone seen The Girlfriend Experience

Directed by Steven Soderbergh
Times Sq. 25


kfan said...

I tried to watch The Girlfriend Experience on Netflix. It was super slow and the characters were too dry. I think I lasted about 30 minutes?

Listmaker said...

that's pretty good. normally people only last 5 minutes while watching sasha grey flicks.