Thursday, February 02, 2012

Out of Sight

I hadn't seen this movie in 14 years. What the hell? 14 years? Where does time go? And I'm embarrassed to admit that when I look at my 1998 Best of List, this movie wasn't even in the Top 15. But somehow There's Something About Mary was. Yikes.

Anyway, I was surprised by how much I remembered about it. It's a fun time. I'd like to see Jackie Brown again but I can't imagine that Tarantino found a way to beat Soderbergh on the Elmore Leonard front. I haven't read the book on which this was based, but Soderbergh really nailed the essence of Leonard pretty well. Makes me even more sad that he didn't get a chance to direct Moneyball. He would have made a movie more similar to Michael Lewis' book than Bennett Miller did.

The film felt dated in a good way. Clooney was Clooney but younger. It looked great, was scored great, and was paced great. Just an all around good time. And I'm also proud to have gotten the reference to Three Days of the Condor that Jennifer Lopez made in the trunk of the car that I didn't get the first time I saw this movie.

Oh 1998, where have you gone?

Directed by Steven Soderbergh


Anonymous said...

Great book, great should watch Jackie Brown again (which is still one of the best EL to screen adaptions along side this, Justified and Get Shorty) if only for the Michael Keaton continuity. What I always marvel at was how awesome pre JLO bullshit Jennifer Lopez was in this and how wasted her career since this seems. Don Cheadle and Albert Brooks deserve shout-outs as well.

Lover Larry

Listmaker said...

albert brooks! i know. i would have thought you would liked drive more just because of him. i haven't seen jackie brown in 15 years! i'll have to rectify that. i wish tcm would get on that.

and oh yeah - don't forget ving rhames!

youthlarge said...

i love this movie. cast is nonpareil from top to bottom (dennis farina to luis guzman to clooney). can't agree with you more re: JLO, larry.

Anonymous said...

Hey I remember seeing out of sight with you in 1998. I think the AC in the theater was broken,, on a super hot sweaty summer night.


Listmaker said...

oh yeah - i couldn't remember what movie that was. i thought it was fear and loathing in las vegas but i guess i was wrong. i remember chris larry was with us too. perhaps i was merely mistaking the mental state he was in that night to the character in fear and loathing.