Sunday, January 29, 2012

Withnail and I

This was amusing. I was expecting more though for some reason. Maybe it was because both Jeremy and Chris Larry mentioned recently how much they liked it. I think if I had seen this closer to the year it came out, I would have liked it more? I don't know - I also get the impression I would have like it more if I watched it a second time. Or at least if I were to watch it with Chris Larry. Hell, watching a movie with that guy makes even pretty bad movies a lot of fun.

I liked the meandering pace of it. I liked the look of it. I liked the actors quite a bit. Richard Griffiths is always funny. So I don't quite get why I didn't get more into watching this film. Perhaps I hate the British?

Does anyone know what the hell Bruce Robinson was up to between 1992's Jennifer Eight (Jennifer Eight????) and last year's Rum Diary?

Directed by Bruce Robinson

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lachima said...

i've always loved this.