Tuesday, January 03, 2012

War Horse

I might have liked this a lot when I was 14. But I'm not 14 so I was kind of nonplussed.


So there's this horse, see. And this mean landlord loses out in an auction to a well meaning drunkard.

The drunkard's son loves this horse. And teaches him how to plow a field and save the day!

And then forces beyond our control lead to war. And the horse gets conscripted. And becomes a WAR HORSE!

He goes from the English to the Germans to a farm house. Back to the Germans. And then he runs around a bit. And then he gets caught in a fence. And then there's this heartwarming scene between an English soldier and a German one. Humanity bonds over a beautiful horse, dude.

Then he's back to the English. Then there's a reunion. And then some tears. And some hugs.

The End.

P.S. I'm a sucker for war movies so I liked the fight scenes. And that plow scene looked super cool. But the sky looked weird and the movie was kind of dumb.

P.P.S. This is hilarious!

Directed by Steven Spielberg
Time Sq. 25


Anonymous said...

ugh you saw this? I will never see this piece of shit. Looks horrendous.

hater larry

Listmaker said...

i know. i should have known better. i'm a sucker for spielberg but i'm beginning to suspect he's done.

Crispin H. Glover said...

i'm not sure he's done. i just saw tintin and nearly lost my mind i loved it so much. the rightful fourth chapter in the raiders saga - 100 time better than the crystal skull mumbo jumbo.

Listmaker said...

for some reason, i wasn't super into seeing tintin but your enthusiasm maybe has changed my mind.

Crispin H. Glover said...

it was the most fun i've had at the movies in a while. a good double header with ghost protocol.