Monday, January 09, 2012

The Artist

This was fun. I liked the nods to classic scenes from the silent films of the 20's. I liked the vibe of it. Jean Dujardin as the star was perfectly cast. He kind of reminded me of my grandfather which I loved. John Goodman was great. It was clever when it needed to be. It almost got too cute at times but it knew when to pull back.

I'll predict right now that this is going to win Best Picture this year. It is a throwback and an homage to the glory days of Hollywood which isn't a bad combination to stroke some egos and gain some votes.

This is no Singin' in the Rain but what is? The pacing was good and it ended well - again - clever but not too clever.

Directed by Michel Hazanavicius

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lachima said...

yeah. above average. We emailed about it a bit after, I think you said you liked it more the further you got away from it - now I'm thinking I think I like it less. It hasn't really stayed with me. It's cute and clever enough that I'm not saying cute in a bad way. But part of me really, really wants to.