Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Descendants

This was my favorite Alexander Payne film since 1999's Election. Granted, that doesn't mean that much considering he's only made two other films in that time - About Schmidt and Sideways. Still, almost everything about this film works for me.

I liked the tone of it. I liked Clooney and thought he pulled off being kind of a klutzy rich guy. Both of his daughters were great. I thought at first that maybe the boyfriend (or whoever he was supposed to be) was going to be annoying in a silly Little Miss Sunshine kind of way, but he turned out not to be. The movie was subtle when it needed to be, laugh out loud funny at others, and touching throughout.

I love how important the setting is to Payne's films. I liked the narration right from the beginning about how Hawaii is actually a real place where people have real problems. That doesn't change my mind though - I need to visit that place soon.

Directed by Alexander Payne
Chelsea Cinemas

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Anonymous said...

very much looking forward to seeing this....i love sideways so high order...

lover larry