Monday, October 17, 2011

Mr. Mom

I hadn't seen this in at least 25 years I'm guessing. But I'm kind of surprised by how much of it I remembered. I think the thing I thought was the funniest at the time was when Keaton made a grilled cheese sandwich using the iron. THAT is funny!

I had forgotten Jeffrey Tambor was in this. Hot!

I can't believe that no one wore seatbelts in this movie. Definitely a different time.

Other than the silly overlong soap opera parody, dare I call this movie absolutely 198o's perfect? I can't believe I didn't watch this while actually being Mr. Mom myself.

Sujan commented that they should remake this film with Mr. and Mrs. Coach as Keaton/Garr. Sign me up!

Directed by Stan Dragoti

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Anonymous said...

This movie is perfect. Please gawd no remakes.