Thursday, September 08, 2011

The Future

I really should have known better. I hated the previews but I was hoping that maybe the movie itself would be better. I really liked Me and You and Everyone We Know.

In 2005, I wrote, "This film captures so many little, fascinating moments of life (the goldfish on the roof of the car to name one). July incorporates so many universal themes in this film in a new, very unique way. This film got the big arthouse push over the summer and I was worried that I would be saddled with another cloying Napoleon Dynamite fiasco that strained too damn hard to be quirky. Instead, I was pleased to find this heartfelt, tender, charming film. And as far as I know, there aren't any Me and You and Everyone We Know lunchboxes as of yet."

I disliked this movie so much that I now wonder if even that movie was any good. Or have I just changed and can't appreciate a movie like this anymore? Things I liked about her last movie were not evident to me in this one. I didn't find it charming at all.

I remember that movie being cute and quirky and all that "twee" stuff but at least it was grounded in reality. As if the talking moon wasn't bad enough, the talking cat voiced by July almost killed me.

I'm all for exploring themes of aging, loneliness, relationships, etc in a cutesy way. Sure, why not? But I disliked the two main characters to the point that I couldn't give a crap what came of them. The daughter of the suburban dad was somewhat interesting as was the old man. But the woman in the window that July kept staring at was supposed to be a comment on what? Something terribly important, right?

And that scene with her boyfriend in charge of the waves was laughably bad. I wanted to punch everyone in this movie in the face. I think that might have been the point, and if so, July succeeded.

Directed by Miranda July
IFC Center

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Crispin H. Glover said...

i hated every second of the first five minutes of me you... and never looked back. i think you may hate it to if you ever look back but after this trainwreck why would you?