Thursday, August 04, 2011

Super 8

I loved the whole Spirit of '82 feel to this. I liked the beginning quite a bit. I loved the zombie movie within the movie. I thought the kid actors were all very good. Yet ... yet ... I just couldn't get into this by the end.

First of all, Kyle Chander - completely underutilized! The greatest actor of our generation needed more to do! Secondly, it was so implausible at times that it lost me. For example, how the hell is a guy going to drive his pickup truck on the tracks causing an incredible explosion and train crash, yet not die himself - all while clutching the all important map? I mean, come on!

But I did like it more than Jim who sent me this e-mail when I inquired about why he disliked the movie so much. He wrote, "I hated the last 10 minutes. So much sappiness: the jerk dad getting all huggy with his son -- I didn't care about their relationship at all or need it to become suddenly lovey-dovey -- couple other things I don't remember around then, and then the clincher, the necklace escaping from his hand and being the last piece the alien ship needed to take off. That absolutely killed it for me. Also didn't like the fact that you couldn't see what the alien looked like until the end; that was unnecessary. Oh yeah: ALSO how the alien picked him up in its hand and listened to him saying "You can go..." or whatever, after it had just eaten a bunch of other people. All that annoyed me."

Two minutes after reading that e-mail, I read Kip's glowing review on Facebook and almost lost it: "Super 8 is SUPERB!! Go see it!! It's amazing."

So you be the judge. Who do you trust more? Me who gives it a lukewarm review. Jim who hated it. Or Kip who LOOOOOOOOVED it?

Directed by J.J. Abrams
Court St.

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lachima said...

you can feel it unravelling in the third act while you watch it. it just completely all falls apart. i was mostly enjoying it untill then. by the end i felt like i had wasted 2 hours.