Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia

When I was watching Meek's Cutoff, I kept thinking how incredibly different it would have been if it had been made by the Coen Brothers or Quentin Tarantino. For some reason, I kept picturing what this documentary would have been like if it had been made by Albert Maysles or Werner Herzog. For Meek's Cutoff, I want to see all three versions. And the same goes for this one.

Albert Maysles definitely would have made much more of a Grey Gardens type film, right? And it is easy to imagine Herzog's narration discussing the vagaries of the White family.

I definitely liked the Jackass treatment the family got in this though. They are completely insane. I couldn't get enough. They definitely need their own reality show. I haven't watched a reality show in years but that would be one I'd need to watch every minute of.

There's really no way to fully describe the craziness of this family. You just have to see it for yourself. Check the trailer to get a taste. And thanks to both Jeremy and Chris Larry for recommending this to me - it wasn't even on my radar before they mentioned it.

Directed by Julien Nitzberg

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Chris said...

Love this movie....w/Justified, Winters Bone and this movie you have a rather compelling modern narrative of white poverty