Monday, April 25, 2011

Meek's Cutoff

There really aren't nearly enough awesome historical dramas being made these days. This film makes me even more sad about that fact. I want more. But until more good ones come out, this one will have to tide me over for awhile.

First of all, this might be my favorite Kelly Reichardt film and I've liked the last two a lot (Old Joy, Wendy and Lucy). I don't really know all that much about the Oregon Trail but this makes me want to learn more.

Other thoughts:
- Bruce Greenwood was great as Meek, the arrogant, ill-mannered guide of three families on the Oregon Trail who promptly gets them lost without enough water to last. He fits in well with some of the characters on Deadwood and Rooster Cogburn in the recent version of True Grit. I loved his speaking style and his whole demeanor. Brilliant.

- Michelle Williams was also great. And what a poster!

- I loved the sound of the squeaky wagon wheels amidst the silent walking. A brilliant detail.

- It never really occurred to me how annoying it was to get a covered wagon down a steep hill.

- The Native American character that Meek captures is perfectly played. The interplay between him, Meek, and Michelle Williams in the second half of the film really brings this movie from simply very good to downright brilliant. Kill him or hope he leads everyone to water is the question.

- Finally - a movie about white people's problems that I can definitely get behind.

Directed by Kelly Reichardt
Film Forum


Chris said...

this looks cool....

Jim said...

Nice review. I agree with all of it.