Monday, February 07, 2011

When You're Strange: A Film About the Doors

I didn't know that much about The Doors so this documentary definitely was informative to me. I've never been a huge fan but I definitely like some of their hits as much as the next Apocalypse Now fan.

The footage in this film is pretty astounding. It also features some of a short film that Morrison shot in 1969. Johnny Depp's narration kind of annoyed me at first but it won me over by the end.

This almost makes me want to see the Oliver Stone Doors movie for the first time. Almost.

Directed by Tom DiCillo


Anonymous said...

I am an unapologetic Doors fan and I really loved this movie. Cool use of the footage. My favorite part of the movie is the footage/stories from that Long Island show.

The Doors are cheesy, over earnest and brilliant. And Ray Manzerek produced all of X's records (or the good ones anyway.) The must have albums are the first one and LA Woman. The others are good but the best songs on them are the known songs. The Changling on LA Woman is an awesome song.

Lover Larry

Listmaker said...

thanks for the tips. i'll download those 2.

Anonymous said...

on the oliver stone movie...i was high out of my gourd when i saw it in the theater freshmen year and it blew my mind...but its not a good movie. That said i do like the scene where Morrison meets Warhol (crisbin glover), checks out the velvet underground and gets head from Nico in an elevator. They had the soundtrack in the PC Dukes jukebox and I used to take great joy in playing the full ten minute version of the VU's Heroin at busy times and then watch the confusion wash over...

Also loved the casting of kyle mclaughlin as Ray, Frank Whaley as Robbie and Kevin Dillon as the drummer. Also marked the beginning of the end for Meg Ryan.

Lover Larry

Anonymous said...

The Changling is Lowell Fulsom's Tramp on Venice Beach bennies.