Thursday, February 03, 2011

Race to Nowhere

I saw this as part of a Professional Day at my school. I'm glad to have seen it and found the discussion amongst the faculty quite illuminating. However, the movie just isn't that good. It is manipulative, doesn't present a full enough picture of the problem of forcing students to be overly pressured to succeed, and is downright tedious at times.

I appreciate that this film and, on a larger scale, Waiting for Superman (which I haven't seen) are bringing the topic of education to the forefront of our national discourse. However, the latter film draws incorrect conclusions I believe and this one is too stacked in one direction to really be anything more than a discussion starter.

I'd like to see someone like The Inside Job's Charles Ferguson take on the topic - someone who can actually make a good film about it.

Directed by Vicki Abeles


lachima said...

even an alex gibney's take would be appreciated. he's really good a making giant complex issues that seem overwhelming easier to comprehend. i kind of feel like he has a bit a formula about what he does but it works for him.

Anonymous said...

WFS can blow me

hater larry