Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Toy Story

One of the books that my mom bought the boys for Christmas was a Toy Story 3 book. From the first time we read the book to them, they loved it and were immediately crying out "Buzz" and "Woody."

So SHR and I decided we had to order the trilogy. Last weekend, we watched the first one with the boys. They loved it. I'm not sure how much they understood but they definitely loved calling out Buzz and Woody's names. Near the end, Otis definitely understood that Buzz was in big trouble when the rocket was strapped to his back.

I had forgotten most of this movie - I hadn't seen it in years. I missed it when it was first out but I must have seen it on video sometime in the late 90's. It is so incredibly good. Not as good as the most recent one but still pretty great nonetheless.

I'm looking forward to watching Toy Story 2 with them soon.

Directed by John Lasseter


Fred Swayze said...

OMG, they're into Toy Story? I have the first two on a DVD box set with an extras DVD that I will totally gift to them. I was obsessed with those films in high school. Consider it a late Christmas delivery.


Listmaker said...

sweet! although the dvd's we have have plenty of extras as well. i wonder if they are different.

you and otis can bond over your love of buzz the next time you see him.