Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Kids are All Right

I was entertained by this while I watched it. I liked the premise. Annette Bening was great. SHR commented that she had the perfect Park Slope lesbian look. Mark Ruffalo was fantastic as well. I also really like the daughter played by Mia Wasikowska who was also great in In Treatment.

But the more I think about it, I'm not sure how much I liked this film. First off, it is shot in a really boring TV movie of the Week style for a lot of it. And some of the plot developments are so obvious and so not necessary. I think I would have preferred some of the issues raised by being reunited with one's sperm donor be further explored without it turning into a soap opera.

But I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I thought that the previous Lisa Cholodenko film I saw (Laurel Canyon) was a shallow film as well.

Three other thoughts:
1. Between this and Please Give, I think that I hate rich white people this year.

2. This is nowhere as good as The Kids Are Alright.


And last but not least, Mark Ruffalo's character got screwed.

Directed by Lisa Cholodenko


youthlarge said...

I forgot to tell you that the McSwayzes and I went off on this movie on pizza night. The more I talk/think about it, the less I like it.

Fred Swayze said...

Yeah, it SUX! Seriously loathe that film and all with #WPP in them anymore. Talking to you, Greenberg! And probs Please Give and Tiny Furniture (won't see due to aforementioned #WPP issues).

Anonymous said...

Does the self-loathing ever get old? Apparently not.

Lover Larry

Listmaker said...

are you calling me a park slope lesbian?

Listmaker said...

all the action these days is on facebook. hilarious!
Dan sorry i'm not down with the hash tags of today's youth. but what the hell is #wpp?

Chris check your movie blog

Dan l i had a feeling what you were referring to and it didn't make sense on my post of the kids are all right. it's funny here though.

Chris I think its where pretentious white people who live actualized blue state lives complain about pretentious white people movies about people living actualized blue state lives. Its like Meta Meta whining.

Dan i'll take the pretentious complaint. i'll agree that i live in a blue state. i am indeed white. but your argument still is dumb. in no way does my life resemble the lives of the characters in the kids are all right or please give. and that's besides the point anyway.

i didn't like either of those movies on their own mediocre merits. your argument seems to be that i should like all movies about rich white people because i'm white and richer than the folks in winter's bone.

i love listening to your thoughts when they make sense. and when they don't - i still love listening to them. i just can't agree..

Chris Have you ever stopped to think its not all directed towards you?

Chris Or are you practicing for your role in the film you'll hate?

Dan um, check your 2nd comment in this thread. that's exactly what i'm referring to. my movie blog where you mentioned something about self loathing or something.

i'll take that criticism on a jewish themed movie like a serious man or something but on an upper middle class waspy lesbian melodrama like the kids are all right, it makes no sense.

Chris Wow you are dim, I was commenting on a thread!

Chris Also I don't see a ton of distinction between a married gay or straight couple in that scenario.

Dan um, yeah. that must be it.
so please make a list of movies i'm not allowed to dislike. i'll find it helpful.
i can add any movie about well off white folks in blue states to any movie about music right? should i add any baseball themed movie to this list too?

Chris sure. a NYU film student could write a thesis on your uncanny ability to dislike any movie that in some way rings familiar. The R*****l Zone of Cinematic Comfortibility or something.

Dan in the thread in question, there were 2 other comments. one of them was from my wife. so i assumed you were referring to all 3 of us since you didn't address your comment to anyone. i guess i am dim since you didn't make yourself clear. fifine.

and i agree - i don't see much distinction between a gay or straight couple other than a huge part of the movie was about one of the women getting it on with the dude. that was the plot development of the movie that i found lost me after a strong start.

Chris Touchy Touchy. As always fun trading zingers but I have a conference call and I'm sure your little students will soon be returning from School of Rock class.

Dan i'd love to see this paper. and for every movie that you come up with, i'll give you 2 others that disprove your theory. not to mention that a movie like high fidelity which i liked by the way doesn't even prove your point. my take on it at the time was that it wasn't the best movie ever made and that i liked the book a lot more. any form of criticism in your opinion is ranking something as a complete failure. as a democrat, i thought you were more able to understand nuance.

Dan i'm at home writing reports. or supposed to be. school of rock - a movie i loved that i guess i'm supposed to hate by your nyu film student thesis.