Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Social Network

I expected to enjoy this film but was surprised by just how much I did. This was not only a huge improvement on both Fincher's and Sorkin's last films, but it has to be one of the year's best films.

I have been increasingly annoyed by Jesse Eisenberg ever since liking him a lot in The Squid and the Whale but I have new respect for him. This was the role he was born to play and he should retire now!

I loved the storytelling structure to keep things interesting. I loved the battle between the nerdy Jewish dude and the entitled blondie twins. I loved the dialogue throughout. I loved what an asshole Justin Timberlake made the Napster guy look like. I loved that by the end, you almost (almost) feel bad for Zuckerberg. That last scene has got to be one of the most quietly devastatingly sad moments of any film in years. Right?

I wonder how this film will play twenty years from now. I mean it is definitely the Citizen Kane of social network website movies. But will it have the staying power of a great movie like Citizen Kane or All the President's Men? Will it speak to the time we live in a good time capsule kind of way like those films or will it seem hopelessly dated in a bad way one day? Thoughts?

Directed by David Fincher
Court St. 12

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still pissed about BAM...

Sad Larry