Monday, December 13, 2010

Please Give

I was so annoyed by this movie that I now doubt whether or not I actually really liked Lovely and Amazing back in the day. And I sure as hell am not going to give Friends with Money a chance now either.

Every character in this other than Rebecca Hall's character is incredibly annoying. I hated them all. Egocentric and all caricatures. Not funny either. I know they are supposed to be annoying but I found nothing engaging about them. There was no reason to watch this movie other than to watch a bunch of half-written characters and plot devices unfold. Ugh.

Directed by Nicole Holofcener


Anonymous said...

i like nicole h, and i wanted to continue our sparring, but i concur completely here....really bad. the only thing that saved this was that i had taken a new projector from work i wanted to test drive and we watched this projected from bed on our wall while eating ice cream cones.

hater larry

Daniel said...

sparring is so much more fun!
although i do love the ice cream cone aspect to your story.