Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Kids Are Alright

How the hell did I go so long without seeing this movie? Absolutely perfect. I hadn't really even seen that much footage of The Who live and that's pretty much what this entire documentary is. Plus - I knew Keith Moon was a madman but I had no idea.

Every minute of this movie is great. In particular, I love the first scene from the Smothers Brothers show where they do My Generation and the interview of Moon by Ringo. This is a perfect rock documentary and I can't wait to introduce it one day to Sam & Otis.

It also reminded me of the great performance of My Generation by some high school kids back in the day at Sherwood High's annual Rock & Roll Revival. Anyone else remember going to those as a kid growing up in MD?

Directed by Fred Stein

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Anonymous said...

Your next review has to be for the lesbian sperm donor dramedy The Kids Are Alright now....

Idea Man Larry