Thursday, December 30, 2010

Border Incident

What a great movie! Wow! All hail Anthony Mann! All hail Ricardo Montalban. All hail Western suspense noir films with a social commentary. Holy crap! The film is go good that it reminded me at times of such classics as Wages of Fear (in its suspense involving the working class and trucks) and Touch of Evil (in its seediness and the danger lurking in the shadows.)

Border Incident
is about undercover border agents trying to stop the smuggling of illegal Mexican immigrants into the U.S. The tagline on the American poster is "The Shame of Two Nations." There's a whole lot of violence, intrigue, and grittiness. There's a Canyon of Death. There's a murder by means of a huge plowing machine. And the climatic shootout in the quicksand at night is incredible. I love this movie!

This is one of the last films I watched during Double Trouble's naps while on stay-at-home dad duty. And it will be the last update of 2010 in this space. Happy New Year!

Directed by Anthony Mann


Anonymous said...

So you liked it?

i had no interest until I saw David O Russell directed

Confused Larry

Listmaker said...

i did like it.

but i assume you are referring to the fighter and not the movie you posted on?