Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I liked some of this movie. Some of the scenarios were cool. I liked the train out of nowhere scene and the bad guys with machine guns. I liked the premise. I liked the walking around scenes and the shifting landscapes. I liked the idea of the mean folks of one's self conscious. I loved looking at Marion Cotillard. I had never seen one of her movies before. I liked the score even if it was a bit loud in the mix. I thought the cinematography looked good. I respect any huge summer blockbuster that isn't a comic book or a sequel.

But overall by the end, I was kind of like whatever. I didn't really care anymore. I was worn down and ready for the movie to end. So overall, I'm glad I saw this to know what all the fuss was about but I can't fully recommend it either.

Directed by Christopher Nolan


Crispin H. Glover said...

much like with district 9 last year, i loved it start to finish while you're all "meh" about it. this was cool shit and i've been having long, involved and weird dreams ever since i saw it.

Anonymous said...

i do want to see it, but sorry District 9 was pure crap.

hater larry

ps Dan wanna see m. cera vs the world some night?

Listmaker said...


sure. but i'm out of town this week starting tomorrow.