Friday, July 09, 2010

Toy Story 3

This movie absolutely killed me. Killed me! Normally if a movie is going to make me cry, I try to hold it in until the moment passes. I almost lost it during the early montage in Up but at least there was relief after that scene. This movie kept pouring it on and on at the end and I couldn't stop the tears from streaming down my face. It was just too much.

The feelings of growing up and moving on destroyed me. The few last scenes made me remember my own going away to college feelings and how difficult it was for my dad. Then I thought about Double Trouble and understood my dad's emotional state a bit more. Then I thought about Double Trouble one day going to college. Tears. It was a never ending cycle of tears streaming down my 3-D glassed face.

The little girl was incredible. The reminiscing and the feeling that childhood was over floored me. I know a 9-year-old would love this movie of course but would he or she even remotely feel the same way an adult would while watching it?

It was exciting, funny, and downright creepy at times. The big baby and the monkey were super freaky. It still amazes me that some of the best action sequences these days are in animated films.

It was funny as hell as are all the Toy Story movies. I've only seen each one once but I'm sure that that will change once we introduce them to Double Trouble in a few years. I remember liking the second part even better than the first. Could this one be even better than that? I really don't remember that much from 11 years ago but I wonder. Has there ever been a third installment of a series (even so many years later!) that was the best of all? Pixar wows me. They clearly were in no rush to make the third installment until the inspiration hit them. How long before the inspiration hits to make the fourth installment?

Every detail is perfect. Every line is great. Every character is important. Adding Ken to the mix was a brilliant move. Hilarious.

Last year, some of my favorite movies were animated including my number one choice. Could that happen two straight years? It might.

Otis loves the claw. The Claw!

Directed by Lee Unkrich
Court St. 12

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Crispin H. Glover said...

I agree with this completely. the onion reviw (i think) starts by discussing the scene in the trash inferno and how any other film would pull away, cut to a joke, etc but pixar never flinches and it's remarkable. sequels are usually a bust but this certainly makes me less wary about the upcoming cars and monsters inc sequels. sebastian loved this film but didn't really realise the emotional impact of the last parts of the film amd i envied him his blissful ignorance.