Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Private Parts

I've always liked Howard Stern. When I was a little kid, I used to listen to him regularly when he was on DC 101. I even met him once. In high school, I used to record 90 minutes of his show everyday on cassette and then listen to it over the course of the day. But for some reason, I didn't see this movie when it was out. 13 years later, I was able to correct my grievous mistake.

The movie feels quite dated in a good way. The nostalgia for a bygone area makes this movie even more entertaining now than it might have been in '97. Stern is a good actor as well! I mean, he's only playing himself but he's pretty damn good. Paul Giamatti is hilarious. Robin is good. Fred is hilarious. And there were some incredibly funny radio bits that I didn't know anything about.

It's hard to say how historically accurate some of this stuff is (for example - I know he still had that silly 'stache when he was in DC but the movie pretends that he didn't - for shame Howard!) but who cares? It is way entertaining and surprisingly timeless.

I'm ready for the sequel - about how his fairy tale marriage collapsed, how he became richer than ever, but then less relevant after his move to satellite radio. On second thought, not sure that one would be as good.

Directed by Betty Thomas


Anonymous said...

Private Parts and even in its dated glory is brilliant!

Launched Giamatti and A. Janey's career.

You would love the History of Howard on Sirius currently up to 3. Each installment is a week. Done in behind the music style. Insanely comprehensive. They run it during his vacations. As lonnnnnng time fan, its incredible. I could listen to the orgin of Ba Ba Booyey everyday the rest of my life!

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Chris Larry

Craig said...

I think that was an awesome movie!