Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Kind Hearts and Coronets

Sean had been telling me about this movie for a few months. I didn't know anything about it but when it showed up on the TCM schedule, I was excited to give it a chance. Bart and I took another week off from Billy Wilder to watch it. And it was quite worth it.

Basically the story goes like this - a distant ancestor to a family of aristocrats is pissed. His mother had been disowned years earlier for marrying beneath her lot. Her dying wish is to be buried in the family plot - a wish that is denied. So he decides to take revenge by killing all 8 of the heirs ahead of him so he can become duke.

The brilliance of the movie lies in who plays all 8 of the heirs - Mr. Alec Guiness. Young men, middle aged men, old men - even a woman. And he nails each role. The man is a genius. I need to see more of his movies. Other than Star Wars, this might be only the third Guiness film I've seen - The Lavender Hill Mob and The Bridge on the River Kwai being the others.

Each death is great. But my favorite definitely has to be the exploding jar of caviar. I could watch that scene over and over again.

Directed by Robert Hamer


Crispin H. Glover said...

I was reading this thinking, "hey, this sounds interesting" and then i read a bit further and thought "hey, i've seen this." i love when that happens.

Fred Swayze said...

I have the Alec Guinness Ealing comedy collection if you ever want to borrow. It includes this, Lavender Hill, The Man in the White Suit and The Ladykillers.

There might be one I'm forgetting.