Friday, April 02, 2010


While I liked this a lot more than Margot at the Wedding, I can't say I wholeheartedly liked this movie. There were a lot of fun moments and good dialogue. I agree with Jim that the direction was quite good as well. But I just couldn't get into it.

I know Ben Stiller's character was supposed to be obnoxious and sad sack but I was so put off by him that I couldn't deal with watching him for the entire movie. Maybe I just couldn't stand looking at his face and his dumb hair. Or maybe I've just had enough of watching movies about loser white dudes. But I just wanted to punch him in the face the entire time. And I didn't buy that any woman would find him desirable. The whole thing falls apart for me because of that.

Not to mention - the dumb party scene where the 20-year-olds insist on listening to Korn. Korn? They ridicule Greenberg for playing Duran Duran because it's so old. And then later they put on Galaxie 500? Really? Come on. But I did like a lot of the dialogue in the scene. In fact, that might have been one of my favorite scenes dialogue and tone wise.

But I will say that I can't get Greta Gerwig out of my head since seeing this movie. I'm completely enthralled with her now and even though I thought I was done with mumblecore, I might just have to see every single frame of celluloid that she has ever graced. Balgavy and I already plan on seeing Hannah Takes the Stairs together. Who else is in?

Directed by Noah Baumbauch


Fred Swayze said...

Don' do it! re: Hannah. I tried as well. And while it does offer boobs and Duplass, there's not enough of either to make it worthwhile.

And man do I want to see Greenberg. But much less now that everyone is shitting on it.

Listmaker said...

drat! that was what marc and i were going to get for next week. now we'll have to reassess.

jim and marc liked greenberg a lot more than i did.

Anonymous said...

i hoped to like this so I could take you to the tool shed, but I liked this even less then you. And Jim and Marc are caught in eternal wrong loop now that they are roomies. This movie absolutely sucked, and was way worse than that Muriel wedding movie he directed. I agree the music was silly but I do agree party scene was a rare good one. And whats her face is NOT HOT!

Hater Larry

Listmaker said...

hah! 2 for 2 in recent hatreds.

Amie Plumley said...

We just saw this on HBO. What is up with Stiller's helmet hair? Anyway, we should have read your review before we watched that turd.

Daniel said...

the more i think about this movie, the more i hate it.

thank you chris and amie for convincing me even more.

and yeah- margot at the wedding is better. i just hated that movie at the time because i was so disappointed by it - i had pretty high expectations.

and i think i was way too enamored by greta gerwig to really pay attention to this movie and all of its flaws.

i feel like i thought of it as a c-/d+ when i saw it but it just might be close to an f, huh?