Monday, April 26, 2010

The Apartment

I've seen this movie three times and would gladly watch it again right now. It always puts a smile on my face. Jack Lemmon is great, Fred MacMurray cracks me up, and Shirley MacLaine is super foxy.

If you haven't seen this, see it now. You won't be disappointed. Lemmon plays a sap who lets higher ups at his office use his apartment for their trysts. But when his boss (MacMurray) takes it too far with Lemmon's crush - the elevator girl (MacLaine), things get dicey.

I love the interplay between Lemmon and MacLaine. I love the widescreen black and white cinematography. I love New York of 1959. I love the casual sexism of the time as it was as opposed to recreating it from today's perspective a la Mad Men. Yet even from the perspective of the time, Wilder doesn't take the side of the users in the office. He takes the side of the sensitive underdog and the woman. Well played.

Directed by Billy Wilder


Fred Swayze said...

I totally love, love, love this film.

Did you know that when Spielberg is about to work with someone for the first time, he asks if they've seen this film? And if they haven't, no dice on the job. Or so I once read.

Listmaker said...

i think i heard that somewhere. i love that.