Tuesday, April 06, 2010

All the President's Men

I hadn't seen this movie since high school journalism class. I had forgotten most of it except for the essentials - dark parking lots, Hal Holbrook in the shadows, and awesome awesome awesome scenes in the newsroom. I also think that I had conflated parts of the film in my head with scenes from Dick - a movie that I now need to go back and watch again.

This movie is a deserved classic. It is absolutely stupendous the entire way through. I agree with SHR who stated that she wanted another two hours of the movie once it ended. I could have watched this for much longer.

I love the scenes of the editors discussing the story. I love how the only thing that matters to the editors is the story itself and the political consequences didn't matter. Those scenes would work well in a split screen with the completely depressing mirror image ones from the last season of The Wire where the story is the furthest thing from what mattered to the higher-ups.

I loved Redford and Hoffman of course. But Jason Robards killed it. As did Jack Warden. I've loved that guy ever since Crazy Like a Fox. I loved the scenes of real footage as the characters watch it (or pointedly don't watch it in the super effective final scene) on TV. I loved all the scenes of phone calls and visits to sources. Nothing recorded - just all handwritten notes.

I almost think this movie might be better today than back then. It is incredibly entertaining and a great document of how the early part of the investigation went down. And even more importantly it documents how incredible a place a newsroom used to be - with clacking typewriters, a sense of what they did mattered, and of course Dustin Hoffman's hair.

Directed by Alan J. Pakula

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Crispin H. Glover said...

I love the way you wrapped this one up. Dick never fails to let me down no matter how many times i watch it.