Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Ghost Writer

Are the rave reviews of this movie coming from reviewers sympathetic to Polanski's legal plight? Because I can't think of any other reason.

Sure, the film looks absolutely stunningly gorgeous. But the plot is equal parts implausible and confounding yet also obvious and silly. I prefer my current events films to be less overtly realistic than this one. In the Loop is great because it clearly is about Iraq yet it is far enough removed from reality that it doesn't have to hit the viewer over the head like this one does. Oh look - Haliburton. Oh look - it's Condoleezza Rice. Blah.

The suspense was never as suspenseful as it should have been. The thrills were never as thrilling as I wanted them to be. And the twists were either not plausibly twisty enough or too grade school twisty. As Marc pointed out, this was no Three Days at the Condor.

Marc came to see this movie with Jim and me. He never goes to movies. I'm afraid that seeing this movie will turn him off from going to see more. Although since this movie, he's already seen The Green Zone and we're going to see Greenberg tonight.

Don't get me wrong - this movie isn't terrible by any stretch. It was entertaining enough. But nothing special at all.

Directed by Roman Polanski


Marc B. said...

Basically, this movie turned me off to any movie that doesn't have "green" in the title. After tonight I'm back on hiatus until "Green Lantern" in 2011.

Crispin H. Glover said...

are you saying those in favor of underage rape are soft on muddled current events films?

mas said...

We just watched this on DVD the other day and I was compelled to see if you reviewed it. I think I liked it less than you did, though I agree it did look good and I liked Ewan McGregor and Pierce Brosnan in their parts. The first 20 minutes set up an interesting premise and then it got progressively worse from there to the point where the last 15 minutes were close to unbearably ridiculous.

Miss Cross from "Rushmore" was terribly miscast, and yet somehow Kim Catrall was even worse. Her British accent was laughable and there were at least two instances where the word "fuck" was replaced by something else and the editing did not cover it up on-screen - very distracting. I guess that was to get a PG-13 rating because the subject matter of this movie is something I'm sure a lot of middle schoolers are anxious to see depicted by the likes of Eli Wallach and Jim Belushi?

Also - Jim Belushi?

Listmaker said...

i agree with every word. bring it!