Thursday, February 11, 2010

World's Greatest Dad

It goes without saying that Robin Williams has been downright unwatchable for going on two decades at this point. So I was pleasantly surprised to not mind him in this movie. I found his sad sack character fairly charming. Unfortunately, his range isn't that good. In the last 1/3 of the film, I had no idea what he was thinking. The script doesn't help matters either. The ending felt abrupt and didn't feel organic to what had been leading up to it.

That being said, this movie is fun. The premise is so over-the-top that it is hard to ruin. Williams plays the father of a complete jerk of a son. His son (despite repeated warnings from his dad) accidentally kills himself by autoerotic asphyxiation. Williams decides to make it look like suicide. He writes a fake note that ends up getting leaked to the press and all of a sudden his awful son becomes an icon in his school. Williams becomes intoxicated by the attention for his dead son and takes it further by writing a journal supposedly written by his son which becomes a national sensation.

The more dark and crazy the film is, the better it is. Unfortunately, Goldthwait never lets the movie fully go off the rails. Still this is easily the best dark comedy about teen suicide since Heathers.

On another note, I still can't believe that I haven't seen Shakes the Clown.

Directed by Bobcat Goldthwait


Crispin H. Glover said...

i tried watching shakes many years ago and didn't make it past the first 15 minutes. said...

There's no range beyond off and on with Williams. He's either screaming and making you reach for the remote or he's putting you to sleep.

Overall, I did enjoy this, though. I agree that it could have (and should have) gone to a darker, more interesting place.

I saw SHAKES years ago. Would be interesting to watch again - haven't watched STAY yet.

Listmaker said...

in general i agree but i didn't find him to be either in this. that's why i was surprised by how much i liked him in it.