Sunday, February 28, 2010


Suck it Avatar! Everything about this understated, thought-provoking, smart film is better than James Cameron's opus.

I love the way it looks. I love the sets. I love the soundtrack. I love the smileyfaces, frowning faces, teary faces from Gerty the Robot (voiced by Kevin Spacey). Everything about this movie is equal parts suspenseful and mesmerizing.

Sam Rockwell plays an astronaut miner on the moon two weeks away from finishing a three year solo mission. He's excited to come back home to see his wife and young daughter. But then things start getting a bit weird. He starts having visions. Is he going crazy? Or is it something else?

He has an accident while in a vehicle on the moon's surface. Gerty sends him to the infirmary where he begins to feel better. But then he sees another version of himself. Is it a clone? Is he a clone? Are they both clones? Is he going crazy? What the hell is going on? Not only does this lead to some interesting suspense but some really funny scenes like Sam Rockwell playing Sam Rockwell in a game of Ping Pong.

I haven't seen a straight up sci-fi film in a long time. I don't count big action movies like Star Trek. I miss seeing good ones like this. More please.

Directed by Duncan Jones

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decaf said...

so glad you liked it! i thought it was brilliant! i have 0 suspension of disbelief and this one kept me from thinking about things like lighting placement. loved it and wish there were a million more like it.