Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Headless Woman

An upper class woman hits what is is pretty obviously a dog with her car. She stops the car but doesn't get out to check to see what she had hit before driving off. In the next few days, she becomes increasingly convinced that she had hit and killed a boy. The movie focuses on those days as she becomes wracked with guilt and begins to forget things and people in her life that she knows. What the hell is going on? Did she hit a boy? It seemed pretty clear that she hadn't. But perhaps she did?

I don't think I've ever been as confused watching a movie as I was while watching this one. But I wasn't the only one. Carrie had no idea either. After watching the movie, she went home and sent me the NY Times review of the movie. Apparently there are many clues that we missed. We also had no way of knowing about Argentinian history to know that this was supposed to be representative of the people having collective amnesia about the abuses of the recent past.

While I was watching it, I can't say that I enjoyed the plot because I was so perplexed. However, after having seen it once and reading the review, I think I need to see it again to really piece it together. F Lost. There aren't any polar bears or time travel to gum up the works of the mystery. It seems like this movie needs at least three viewings to fully have a handle on it. It is completely fascinating to think about trying to piece it all together on multiple viewings.

Not to mention the cinematography is stunningly gorgeous.

Directed by Lucrecia Martel
2007, Year of U.S. Release: 2009


Anonymous said...

sounds lame, I will stick with Lost. And I happen to love both polar bears and time travel stories...

hater larry

Listmaker said...

i like lost a lot. i love polar bears and usually like time travel.

was just being intentionally snarky.

i guess my point was that even based completely in reality, a story can be incredibly mysterious. they don't need to rely on the fantastical like lost does or the dreamlike like mulholland drive does.

i haven't seen too many movies or tv shows based completely in reality that are this damn perplexing.