Friday, February 26, 2010

Funny People

Adam Sandler wasn't terrible. He played himself but as a miserable wretch. I kind of liked his performance.

The portrayal of Sandler's miserable existence is interesting. I love that he needs people to read to him as he falls asleep.


Jason Schwartzman was funny. Between this and Bored To Death, I'm back on the Schwartman train.

The endless cameos were pretty funny. Dave Attell! Hell, even the Ray Romano/Eminem scene was funny.

I love love love Aubrey Plaza.

Jonah Hill's glasses were nice.

The last 5 minutes wrap things up nicely.

An hour too long. Soooooooooo long.

The entire Leslie Mann/Eric Bana part. Endless. Insufferable.

The entire Adam Sandler/Leslie Mann scenes. Endless. Insufferable.

The script wasn't good overall. Every character is annoying. No one changes for the positive until the very last scene and then it's a big sea change. By then, it's too little too late. I guess Rogen's changes were hinted at but he was a big pussy the whole time anyway and went from being a big jealous jerk to a big not as jealous baby. Big deal. But again - the ending was good - it just came kind of out of nowhere. I guess if Apatow had given himself another hour to tell his story, this scene could have been foreshadowed a bit bitter. God forbid.

Seth Rogen wasn't good but maybe it was the script's fault? I like him so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

What is the deal with the nonstop penis jokes? Enough already. There's a penis joke every 3 minutes.

Overall, I was hoping for a B- but felt like I got a C-. This movie is not very good.

Directed by Judd Apatow

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