Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Crazy Heart

Sort of like The Wrestler but with a washed up country singer, less melodrama, less entertainment value, and way too much Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Jeff Bridges was great though. He completely carries the movie. His songs are great, his performance is amazing, and he should be a shoo in for a Best Actor Oscar. Even Colin Farrell was pretty good in this other than his horrible lip syncing. The script was pretty good. The story arc was satisfying and believable.

I guess it all comes down to Maggie G ruining it though. Cast another actress and this movie would have worked. As Chris Larry pointed out - if someone like Mary Louise Parker had been in the role, this movie would have been much better. It was hard to buy the relationship between Bridges and Gyllenhaal. It just wasn't believable and really dragged the movie down quite a bit.

I guess I should see Tender Mercies at some point huh?

Directed by Scott Cooper


mas said...

Academy screener? Impressive.

jamie said...

agreed about MG - there was no explanation whatsoever for her attraction to him. and the way the piano-playing guy just immediately asked Bad if his niece could interview him was bit contrived. not sure how she got nominated for an Oscar.

thenoiseboy said...

"... his performance is amazing, and he should be a shoo in for a Best Actor Oscar."

Ah, but have you seen A Single Man yet?

It's funny you compare this to The Wrestler as that's exactly what I figured it would be like. (Haven't seen it yet.)

Listmaker said...

i have not seen a single man. looking forward to seeing it soon though. just read your rave on facebook.

i don't care how good colin firth is in it though. bridges has been nominated 3 times before. i can't see him losing this one. this is his the departed.