Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Broken Embraces

I loved this movie. I loved the flashbacks that slowly peeled back the layers of the plot as well as adding new layers. I loved the old school Almodovar movie within the movie. I loved the creepy son with the camera. I loved the intrigue. I loved Penelope Cruz. I loved the noir sensibilities of the film. I loved the open ended possibilities of the plot that I don't want to divulge here in case you haven't seen it.

All in all, of the five Almodovar films that have come out since '99, this one is easily my favorite since 2002's Talk to Her.
I liked Volver and Bad Education but not as much as this. In fact, I like his films so much I don't know why I've only seen his five most recent films once each. I also don't understand why pre All About My Mother, I've only seen 2 or 3 of his films. I must rectify this grievous oversight. Almodovar!

Directed by  Pedro Almodóvar


youthlarge said...

penny cruz looks like MJ in the thumbnail version of the movie poster.

Listmaker said...

i was just thinking the same thing!